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Head of the Clones

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Greetings, ladies and gentlemen *saluting the audience*

I speak on behalf of Clone Squadron.

Now you probably think: "Who in the name of Vader are Clone Squadron??"

Allow me to answer your question by transmitting our motto:

"We are Clone Squadron. Fanfic is our stock in trade, and Insanity is what we deliver."

Our goal is to make people (You, SW-fans) laugh their heads off by writing insane stories taking place in GL's (hail to the MASTER!) beloved universe. Our more unofficial goal is to take over the galaxy with our insanities.

When on duty, we laugh a lot, paint our X-wings, are mean to unlucky Rogues and eat good food (the nextbest thing in the life of a Clone!!)

When off duty... errr... we do about the same..  :lol:  :wink:

The reason why I am standing before you this day is the fact that this Squadron wants to share their insanity and crazy Clone World with other SW-fans all over the world on this homepage:

We hope that you will enjoy this page as much, as we enjoyed making it.

Thank you for listening.

Bloody, aka Clone87, Clone Two, XO of Clone Squadron, over and out

*saluting, turning on my heels and marching away*

May the Force be with us.. Admiral Ackbar, ROTJ