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Here you can show pictures of your Star Wars collection.

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I will be there. :wink: :wink:
I´m the guy running around like a tornado... 8-)


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i will looking forward to meet you and have a little chat about merchandise becourse i can see thay you know a lot about it hehe :) so dont get scaret when a imperial stormtrooper comes to talk to you :D its just a routine tjeck  8-)
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Just look for a hat, i´m the one beneath it. 8-)

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hmm, if i someday figure out how all this uploading stuff works, I'll think about taking some pictures of my book and tpb's collection. 8-) it's ever groving.
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Darth Wizza

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LOL Kez-Iban, cool. Probably the nicest action figure I've seen to date ;-)


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Hey everyone.

This is my sons collection, a lot og it was my toy when i was a kid in the 70's... Please comment it!
He is in the Danish children book og records.

You Can see the collection here too:


Tobias collection boath Vintage og neo....

A happy Tobias


Rebels 1


Rebels machines

Jabbas Henchmen





Ewok city and machines

Please coment!!