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A short presentation of who you are

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Mara Jade

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We already have a thread like this, I know, but seeing as the users of this specific section cannot read it, and therefore probably wont read it, I've made this thread for you guys. I doubt any of us Danish people will be making any long presentations, seeing as, well, as said before, we've already done that. But if any of you not Danish people wish to let us in on, who you are, how you found us, what your interests are and so forth, please, this is the place :)
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Well hello there ladies & gents, introduced myself previously, but this is the more official place to do it, it seems!

Well, the basics first, shall we?

My name’s Jack, I’m 19, I’m male, I'm English, I uh, I’m uh, I guess not that interesting as I’ve already ran out of things to say!

Erm, I’m not really tall, and I’ve got a gut, but I’m working on that as soon as I learn to drive and get a new PC! Oh yeah, PC, that thing, well, I invest –a lot- of time in that thing, and I just can’t decide if it was the worst, or best thing that ever happened to me. I tend to type as I talk… I currently have a collection of weapons from various games and settings, which is quite small currently (4 Final Fantasy Swords, 3 Non-Specific Blades, 1 Recurve Bow, and 2 Lightsabers) but prized. :)

I’m mostly a gamer; mainly Swords & Sorcery but sometimes I take the dip into Sci-Fi such as EVE Online and the up-and-coming Tabula Rasa. I’m highly anticipating (along with Miss Mara Jade) the up-and-coming Neverwinter Nights 2 due to previously spending a vast amount of time playing the original Neverwinter Nights, to which I made some great friends and memories.

‘Ociros’ is my ‘tag’, which was the name of my first ever online character, and I usually use it for my first male character on many games, although I try not to use the same name twice on any game. Ociros is pronounced ‘Oh-See-Ross’, and in a way sounds a little like Osiris, the Egyptian God of Life, Death and Fertility, but this is purely co-incidence, as I didn’t even know of Osiris’ ‘existence’ when I was 14 and started my first Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game, Dark Age of Camelot.

Uh, I came to this forum a while ago after getting talking with Mara, who I met on aforementioned Neverwinter Nights. For some reason she felt strangely familiar, and I’d like to think we get on very well, although saying that, we don’t talk as much as we used to(!), which I suppose is something that seriously needs to be remedied. ;)

A couple of’ers might have already met me, I went to London for the Comic Con’ with a friend of mine, and we shared a room with Obi & Pingu (I think it was you Pingu, you were in the Rebel X-Wing pilot outfit?), and also shared a table at the Steak House with Obi, Padawan, and if I remember three other people, who I can’t remember for the life of me! (Sorry!) I remember one of them at the table asked “So who are you people?” To which I replied “Er… We’re just… like… sort of… the ‘English branch of for a weekend”. Of course, Miss Mara Jade, Anakin, “The shy girl”, and was it Miss Leia or Padme(?) (Oh shoot, I can’t remember! Really sorry, we probably talked to you the most too) met me.

I don’t think I am most suited to any particular Jedi, but I’m quite fond of Ulic Qel-Droma’s story, and his attainment of Force-Understanding regardless of being stripped of the use of it. I probably enjoy the thought of Lightsabers the most, out of the whole Star Wars Universe, closely followed by the idea of the Force (Although I don’t agree with many aspects of the Old Republic Jedi views), and then it would have to be the whole Dog-fight-in-space thing - I have Star Wars: Empire at War RTS and I usually just send out several squadrons of X-Wings and just watch them zip about the map.

As mentioned near the top of this post, I have two custom made Lightsabers, which I mainly owe to Mara Jade for giving me the site (thanks!), one’s blue, one is green, which are of the ‘CER’ style (don’t know if that means anything to anyone). They have Luxeon LEDs in the hilt and the blade is made from a polycarbonate rod, but I don’t think they are really for duelling (but they are just about sturdy enough for it).
I’m currently planning a new Saber-staff, of a style which I haven’t seen before (but doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist) where as you take two Rapier style hilts (like Count Dooku/Darth Tyranus’) and put them together to make a shape similar  to this:

…although I’m still considering the usefulness of the design! :)   

Oh, and I like Garlic Bread. :D

I’m not sure if there’s anything else to say, this is quite long, so I guess I should wrap this up, thanks a lot for reading so much and I hope you’re still awake. ;)


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Greetings. I'm the new guy, well here anyway.  :-D

My name is Dale & I am from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Home of the world's biggest shopping center, West Edmonton Mall.

I collect mostly vintage, bootlegs, the odd prototypes & animated Clone Wars statues plus my main focus SW Kubricks. I'm out of collecting modern SW, way too much & too hard on the wallet!  :wink:

Anyhoo, glad to be here, hope to hear from more international members.  :-)


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Mara Jade

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Yes, of course it's all right to post here too. At first, I was thinking we wouldn't do it, but then I realized the English speaking people wont understand our other presentations, goes - it's not gonna be as long as my Danish one, but still:

My name's Anna, but around here I prefer Mara. Actually, I think I respond to Mara more often than to Anna. The other night when I picked up the phone, I almost said "Hello, it's Mara" - and, here I have to note, it wasn't my phone, but my dad's, and he's a minister ;)

So, yeah, that's another thing. The minister thing. Don't you start with the "oh, you don't swear then, do you?" or "Oh, so you say a prayer every night then?" Or "Oh, so you go to church every sunday then?"
No, I don't. Well, I try not to swear too much - I do it around friends, I know, but that's just because I feel so free around you guys. But seeing as I am a minister's daughter, plus, I work with children, I try to keep it down a lot :)

So, well, I joined this forum in May last year, and I have to say, this is one of the best things I've done for myself :) I've gotten so many good friends here, and I've changed a lot in the past year, thanks to them. Meaning I've gotten a lot more selfesteem and stuff like that :)

And, well, the reason we're all here:
Star Wars :) I've been a fan since....well...somewhere between age 7 and 9, can't remember exactly :) but I loved it the moment I saw it - well, I did grow up with a father, who also loves SW, so.... :)

But, I'm not just a SW nerd (and yes, I am a nerd ;))
I love LotR, I really, really love to rp. Both NWN (YAY!!! NWN2 coming out soon!) and play by post
I like to write (both Fan Fiction and poems - I write a lot of those when I'm down)
I love music - listening to it, singing, playing the piano.
I LOVE acting, really.
I adore children - just ask just about....anyone ;)
I read a lot - love going to the library :)
hm... what else?
Yeah, Ayla_Rankin just taught me how to play Magic the Gathering :D So now I can add a thing to my nerdy list ;)

Yeah...that's me ;)
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  • I'm not a Star Wars fan, I'm a Star Wars collector
Hello there.

If we have any members from Rebel Scum or Jedi Defender, no presention is needed, for anyone else here is some info about me.

Hame: Henrik Wulff Rasmussen
Age: One day older that yesterday, and one younger than tomorrow  :wink: ( I'm born in 1973)
Hometown: Vejle
Job: Auditor

Star Wars fan since: 1984
Collecting (SW relatered):
- loose vintage Kenner figures and variations,
- loose Vintage foreign figures (Takara (Japan),  Lili-Ledy (Mexico), TopToys (Argentina), Glasslite (Brazil)),
- Creatures (Jabba the Hutt, Rancor, Wampa etc), 
- Books on vintage figures,

Interests besides Star Wars:
Astromomy, nature, reading, Fighting Fantasy gamebooks, Scotch Malt Whisky, beer.
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Har 3 gange fået mit navn på officielt Star Wars merchandise
Collector of Danish SW merchandise (1977-1997) and vintage figures and variations.
Pessimisten ser kun skyerne. Optimisten ser slet ikke skyerne - han går på dem.
Stol ikke på plapreslangerne.

Jaina Solo

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My name's Christina, but around here, I prefer to be called Jaina. I've been called by that name here for four years now and one of those years, I've been called it in person :wink:

I'm 22 years old, I'm a last year student in High School (let's just say, I were a little behind in the elementary school years) I've been a Star Wars fan, since I was 8 years old, when I saw my first Star Wars movie, which were Return of the Jedi, and began to read the SW novels at the age of 11.

I joined the Star Wars Fanclub Denmark in 2000 and were a member for a year. A year after my membership had passed, this forum had startet, and I joined, the moment I saw it, and i never regret it. Last year, I got the best friends here, I could ever have imagined.

It's a great place with nice people, and I hope you will think that too.

A little information on my Star Wars background:
- Fan since I saw Return of the Jedi the first time in 1992
- The first SW book I read, was Timothy Zahn's "Heir to the Empire" and the two others in the trilogy followed.
- I collect books and pictures from the movies, and now also autographs. I have three autographs from three SW actors: Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia), Ray Park (Darth Maul) and Paul Blake (Greedo)
- Favourite SW book: "Vision of the Future" by Timothy Zahn
- Favourite SW movie: Episode 3
- A big fan of the Star Wars Expanded Universe
- ETC.

I'm also fan of:
- Harry Potter: Favourite book "Halfblood Prince"; Favourite movie: "Prisoner of Azkaban"
- Lord of the Rings: Favoute book: Return of the King, Favourite movie, the same.

I also like to write, read both authentic books and fantacy books and see a lot of variated movie genres

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Bria Kenobi

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My name in here is Bria Kenobi (Bria, because I realy liked Han Solo in the "old" movies, Kenobi because Obi-Wan is my boyfriend IRL).

I love SW, all fantasy like almost all the others in here! (lord of the rings, harry potter...)
I play guitar in my sparetime, sing, and spend time together with my friends (and Obi-Wan).

I study to be a nurse so it will be my future work....of curse, and right now i work at the hospital, my last "praktical period" in the study, I have 1 year back then I'm done....finally. I hope I'll get more time to enjoy my life... and SW.
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May the force be with you all!


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  • I'll never join the dark side.

My name is Søren.
But like the others I go by my nick, Observer_DK or just observer.

21 years old and studying hard (very hard) a the moment.
I have been a fan i many years, but joined the Star Wars Fanclub Denmark about a year ago.

My other hobbies include, all sorts of sports, computergames and lots of other geeky things.

Like Jaina said, this is a great place with alot of nice and interesting people.

Well that's me :-D
Star Wars er tilbage og jeg ligeså.


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Well, taking a small break from my homework, I figured I might as well relax with giving a short introduction to who's hidding behind the profile 'Ayla_Rankin'

Well, I happen to be yet another of these Danes on this Danish forum (peculliar there are so many Danes, right? :wink:)

My given name's Monica, but it's mostly my parents that use that. Around friends I've been known as Moni, Mon, Mo, 'Mon (demon, should any wonder). Aqua (not the stupid pop band, but the element of water. We were four very different childhood friends, how found it cool to take on the latin names for the four elements). Around here I respond to Ayla (or started to, when I started to meet Skywalkers, before that Ayla was merely an online nick, taking from an RPG-character I made back in 2001).

But basically, want to get my attention, yelling Ayla, Mon or Moni works most of the time.
I'm female, I'm 23 and believe my self a nerd on a handful of topics: Stargate SG-1, Elfquest (comic), Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and well. Plus I'm studying to become a librarian, if that's not a nerd-thing, I don't know what is. Heaven knows my school's full of nerds in all aspects of the word.
I roleplay, I started back in 2001 with play-by-post RPG and also LARP (live action roleplay).
The LARPing have been on a standstill the last two years due to my studying, but I still cling to play-by-post RPG, currently I'm running a Danish one. I did have an English one, but I recently declared it dead and gone (the friend wanting to help me with giving it a makeup, seems to have forgotten all about it and I've honest lost interest in the game it self and also did feel rather screwed by my friend).

And here I said I'd keep tne introduction short. What a joke, Mon.
Small facts:

I have a voice that can be heard easily (meaning I can and often is quite loud)

I don't need men, since I can lift all my heavy stuff on my own (and well, men's only good for lifting heavy stuff, right?  :wink:) No offense to anyone.

Contacting me on MSN is on your own responsebility, I'm known for biting off people's heads, if they bug me of the wrong day.

I have way too much temper and a thing against saying sorry, unless I really think it's needed.

I have my opinions and I'm not affraid of voicing them.

I hate wearing dresses and skirts, those are for women!

I don't have a star wars costume

Curently I'm playing 5 characters at my Danish RPG and one at an american friend's.


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Well i will give it a shot

my interest in Starwars began for many years ago. i was about 6 years old when i first saw Star Wars episode IV a new hope back in 83 in the telly, and was hooked.

im collecting lots of Star Wars merchandise but also from other movies, like Terminator, Predator (i love predator to) yes well a lot of other stuff.

my main interest is Full size movie costumes, and i now got about 8 of them.

From star Wars it is.
Luke skywalker X-wing pilot outfit from episode IV
Darth Vader Episode V (The Empire strikes back)
Imperial Royal Guard.
Imperial Stormtrooper
Darth Maul.

As you can se im a servant of the Dark side....Always   :evil:

non Star Wars.

Scary movie
Terminator II Judgtmentday (arnold swartznegger Leather biker outfit)

and probberly more to come in the future, yes i know im nuts about movies  :-D
but costumes i maby whant to purchase in the future is.
Predator full size costume, with working laser beams and working wrist blades.
Tie fighter pilot
Maby a AT-AT pilot (the helmet is a little hard to get)
Clone trooper
maby biker scout, i dont know yet, it´s a pretty expensive hobby  :-D but i love it

A little about me

My name is Dan Andersen.
im 28 years old.
i work ewerydag from 7 moring to 4 of clock afternoom.
in my sparetime i listen to music, i like to hear all sorts of music but there are some music i like better than other things. i love to listen to LORDI, the groupe who won the Eurovision songcontest, and im going to a consert to night in copenhagen with them :)

Well besides listen to musik, i talk to my freinds, most on msn messenger becourse most of them live a little long way from here.
hmm. im collecting a lots of stuff from Star Wars and i have a pretty big collection if i should say it my selv :)

im also collect items from other movies, like terminator and so on. One of the best items i have is a real prop from Spiderman.

a  shirt used in the movie, not a copy of it but the real deal, that one is a pretty special item :)

hmm well now im out.....again and know what more to write, but send me a PB if you like to know more :)


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Darth Pingu Awakens


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Before you start reading this, please be mindful that I'm awful at this.. Presentations I mean..

Soo, I'm Lienna (IRL known as Gitte, but don't try to pronounce it) and I'm 23.. Going on 24..
I love, and I do mean love, the entire SW universe.. I think it's the only place where you get almost everything at once.. I love costumes, and I love wearing them.. Still haven't finished a single SW Costume, but have a couple on the way.. (One for Mara and one for my daughter..)

My interest for Star Wars as always been there, a friend of mine and I used to watch OT once in a while (all three in a row), but it was first after AOTC I really got into it.. And it was first last (that sounds really stupid) year that i found this place..

Anyway, I'm a single mom, loving my daughter and she somewhat of a boyish girl.. What's it called?? Dunno, but she loves to play with cars rather than dolls, she likes to play with light sabers and plays football and she's totally devoted to trains.. A small misunderstanding from her uncles  :roll:

I also have a weakness for football, and by favorite team is Brøndby.. Some other inhere will try to convince you that F(u)CK, VB or some other team is better, but they aren't  :wink: And then of course FC Zulu.. Heh, they totally rule even though they really suck at it..

What else is there to tell?? Dunno, so please PM me if you wanna know..
Life always offers you a second chance. It's called tomorrow.

Grief never ends. But it changes. It's a passage, not a place to stay. Grief is not a sign of weakness, nor a lack of faith. It's the price of love.


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I am Saché! I exist! Welcome to my country and its ethnic ways! I love pink! The people on this board are the craziest nicest crowd you'll ever find, you really should hang around here. I was originally from Egypt 4000 years ago, but when they excavated the tombs there was a puff of black and pink. "Oh mother!" they said. "Unnaturally!" I said. And there I was. Thus is my creation myth in short. Now I must take my pills. They are also pink, but only when I put on my pink glasses.. They pinkify the world and are the best investment I've ever done apart from buying that lawn mover. I don't have a garden but it's mighty handy to drip dry my laundry on. For further information please contact Saché c/o Psychiatric Hospital, Criminally Insane Ward, Copenhagen, Inside My Head.

k thx bye

And so I say the things I say and do the things I do!
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  • Visse vasse..
:-o :-o

What's there to say other than Saché is . . . Saché..

Hon, I just had to say this.. You are hilarious and funny.. *hugs*
Life always offers you a second chance. It's called tomorrow.

Grief never ends. But it changes. It's a passage, not a place to stay. Grief is not a sign of weakness, nor a lack of faith. It's the price of love.

Aayla Secura

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My name is Julie Veronica, or just Julie, but in here I prefer Aayla...

I'm 18 years old

Look....: Short, black hair (not my natural haircolour, it's brown), blue or green eyes, normal builded, maybe a little tall... wear clothes in the colours black, blue, green and purple, sometimes brown an "Off-white"... uses a lot of make-up...

I live in a small, small village far away from everything else, in the north of Jutland (a part of Denmark), and I go to what you would call highschool.... :roll: In my spare time I love to sing and play my piano, draw and paint (see some of my work in "FanArt"), Read, and write short stories.. there is a lot of other things that I don't remember right now..
after school I would like to travel around the world and learn a lot of different languages...

I love to watch movies, mostly SW of course, but also Harry Potter, the lord of the rings.. Other sci-fi movies like the matrix, alien and Blade runner is also on my list... and there is a lot of other movies, I like,  in completely other genres, fx, Gladitor and forrest gump..  :-)
That was something about the movies, here is something about the music..:

There is also a lot of different music, I like... right now I'm mostly listning to Enya and music in the "no stress"-genre..
But I hate techno and disco-music...

Right now I'm reading a book of Dalai Lama called "the way to a life in happieness", or something like that.. (I Don't know the title in English so it is translated directly from danish...

Family...: Parents with my mom and stepfather... I have two lovely little sisters and a cat called "Karma"...

I have been SW-fan since I was 8 or something (since I watched EP V with my dad, who is also SW-fan)... but it in the last year I have gone totally crazy about it...
Favorite SW-Character: Yoda, Obi-Wan... Aayla bacause of her look (looove twi'leks) and her name (Loved that name since I read "The clan of the Cavebear)...

well... just ask if there is some more you want to know....??

- "I hate that he's dead for ONE particular reason:"
- "You wanted to kill him?"
- "Oh, well, TWO particular reasons then."