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Congratulations to roguetrooper

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Congratulation roguetrooper! :-D I hope you'll enjoy the day.

Hope this topic will be updated by the admins every time an non-Danish member have birthday  :-)


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Happy birthday to you rouguetrooper  :-D i hope you will enjoy the day  :wink: ( sorry but im bad to english  :-P)

Mit banner er lavet af lumi :wink:

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Oh year congrats to you roguetrooper! may your day be filled with as much sunshine as there is here where I am  :-D

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Happy birth day to one of our outlandish members! Hope you will enjoy the day. :)


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Happy birthday :-D Enjoy it :wink:

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  • Kald mig Lora :-D
a late congrats from here. :-)
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