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“Initializing playback..." By BLKS (English)

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“Initializing playback..."

“Initializing playback...

Who cares.. there’s a war outside.. a Clone war.
My name is not important.. It never have, and never will.. well not for me..  my number is RC-1157 call sign Five-Seven
Commando. I haven’t done anything special to deserve it. I never just been a trooper.. I was made a commando.. and my specialization is.. well War..

why do I sit here talking to this holorecorder with words.. why?.. truly, I don’t know.. but I feel like doing it.  I have just received orders to move out with my new squad destination classified we will not know until on board the transport. And if you see this.. well.. I need to tell you this.. in a few hours ill most likely be unable to count, the number of.. deaths dealt by my hands and my squad.. and.. I'm sorry. I never wanted to kill anyone.. my fellow clones do.. and I should.. but I cant and I.. I wont.. ill be glad if you see this.. then my life will be over.. and only like this ill be able to save anyone's life.. my death for all your lives..

“Five-seven Report to the transport bay with your squad.”
“Yes Sir. We will report there now.”

I have to make this my last words.. ill make sure to make them right..

I'm sorry I follow orders.. I wish to be free.. live for a cause, not out of blindness to my commander.. I'm sorry for the deaths I have dealt for them..
do not worry over my death.. for now I am at peace..

Five-Seven Out..

Playback ended..

The hand places the Holo recorder in his pocket and raises his hand to his ear on his helmet..
“contact the medic team nearest my location.. got one badly hurt but he will survive.. will need extraction and prep for off world transport.. contact Pre Vizsla we might have a special candidate for our course..”

“acknowledged.. Shuttle inbound with medic team. And off world transport ship at your disposal commander.. Destination for the transport?”


“Crew Prepping ship for Mandalore Sundari.. i have Pre Vizsla online patching him thru.”

“Come in commander.. you have a candidate?”

“A republic Commando. A clone.. I have a Holo recording that will interest you..”

“bring him home to us.. I take it the base have been compromised?”

“we have the situation under control, commando team eliminated and Base cleared out and rigged. Every thing linking it to us at the extraction zone we will be space ETA 5 minutes.”

“Good.. Report to me once airborne.”

“Yes Sir.”

in over him came a shuttle with its bay door open and medic team ready to move out.. they landed stabilized the commando got him on board.
the commander was the last  to enter the shuttle before lift off..

a medic looked at the commander..
“is this wise Sir.?”
“For now.. Get him in stasis before we land I want him secured for Transport home.”

To be continued...               BY BLKS

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I have some Medicine for you here. there are two ways to treat you. first Antibiotic and Bacta tank for a few days.. 25000 credits.. or single shot from my blaster 1200 credits.. the Question is only.. How much pain are you in?
 - Dr. Jast..


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Chapter 2

before the shuttled touched down at the extraction zone they removed his armor and got him in to the stasis pod.. as they landed a small group of troops was waiting for there arrival.

“lieutenant give us fighter escort.. are every thing ready for take off?”
“Yes. Commander all equipment and personnel is on the transport ships.”
“get us out of there.. Lieutenant your ship leaves last.. do not leave anything behind.”
“Yes Commander..”

the commander walked on board the transport ship following the stasis pod closely.. as they where about to go down to the cargo hold. He stopped them and gave them order to keep him under observation in the medic bay.. he walked past the pod and his hand gently glided over the top of the pod.. he continued to the Cockpit of the ship..

“Commander we are ready for Light speed”
“take us home..”

the ship moved into light speed and the commander walked out of the bridge and down to the main corridor towards the medic bay. There he was looking at the commando's medical signs.
“how are his vitals?”
“stable Sir. But he will need operation before he his fit for battle. I have notified the hospital quarters at base.. they are expecting him.”
“good.. good.. let me know how things proceed. And when he wakes.. the first he see will be me.. have I made my self clear?”
“Yes Sir.”
“carry on.. we will be landing in a few moments.”
he walked out of the medic bay and to the bridge he felt the ship come out of light speed.. A sudden shake of the ship  almost made him fall.. He ran to the bridge.
“Whats the situation?!”
“There was a republic destroyer waiting in space over Mandalore. We have taken a hit on the ship's left Engine!”
“All power to the shield all, Man the turrets and get our fighters out there.. You there! signal base that we need fire support!”
“Roger Sir.  We have all fighters getting ready. All turrents online and full power to the shields..”
“Sir! Radio have been jammed by the republic destroyer..”
“Order a fighter into orbit and out of jamming range.. get it to broadcast our signal for help.”
“Yes Sir.”
“Sir. We have in coming fire.. we will be destroyed in a few moments.”
“WE Will be no such thing.. they will signal us to surrender be fore that.. its the republic.. make sure that when they break jamming and contact us that you use the gap to broadcast our situation..”
“i have visual on the fighter it is in range and broadcasting now..”
“Sir. Incomming holocall from the Destroyer..”
“Patch him thru..”
“This is captain Rygsh of the Republic. Surrender or we will destroy you.!”
“Well well how did you know we where coming Rygsh?” he made a gesture to the officer to signal base..
“oh its You Commander E'Tad.. when our team of commandos attacked your base we knew you would return to mandalore and here you are.”
“we are just returning some cargo.. no need for violence here captain..”
“Stop it now! We know you to well. Surrender to us now.. you are Wanted by the republic you Death Watch Scum!”
“Well well.. getting a little angry now are we..”
“E'tad I can see that your fighters are being destroyed as we speak.. how will you defend your self’s then?”
“Officer call back the fighters.. we surrender.. close the holo..”
“good of you.. we will take you in..”
The holo whent off..
“Get the fighters to our ships shadow side .. we will fire escape pods and they will cover our decent to the planet.. Activate program 1312.. and 0101”
“1312 activated control code Commander?”
“1256-45672-8457-89-57 Code Mand'alor.. link activation of them both to my Wrist control.”
“Yes sir. Program 1312 and 0101 online sir.”
“Good Every personell to the escape pods and the stasis pod in the medic bay in my escape pod..! NOW!”
they all started to run to the escape pods Program 0101 started to evacuate the ship.. ordering all to clear the ship.. as the commander came down to the escape pod the stasis pod was arriving together with the medics.. they all got inside and locked up.. as the last pod locked up they could feel the ship getting into the destroyer tractor beam pulling it in..
“This is Commander E'Tad to all personel in the escape pods.. buckle up your in for a ride. Fighter Squad report in”
“we are ready for your order Commander”
“good on my signal you defend the pods.. as soon as we are out of range Run for the planet.. give me visual on my hood on distance between the transport and the destroyer.. ”
“linked now sir.”
his display in the helmet changed in the corner to a range meter telling the distance between them.
5600 meter
4021 meter
3405 meter
2203 meter
1432 meter
809  meter
“NOW FIGHTERS!!” He activated 0101 from this wrist fireing all escape pods at once out of the tractor beam and towards the planet the fighters came out and defended them leaving the ship and moving away from the destroyer.. covering them and there desent..
“Fighters.. For mandalore..”
the transport ship got pulled up and into the destroyer.. he reached for his arm.. and activated 1312..
There was a small pause.. Then a Boom.. the transport ship had been rigged for just such a situation.. destroying all sensitive equipment before falling in to the wrong hands..
the destroyers main hangar bay was destroyed along with its bottom and main power supply leaving it a silent asteroid in space.. the mouths of rocket batteries and Laser turrets had gone silent in a blink of an eye.. the only living in space now was the fighters staying to secure the descent of the pods..

a few moments later the pods where within the planets atmosphere..
“Commander E'tad Commander come in! This is base Fighter support incoming eta 7 minutes.”
“Commander E'tad here! We are in escape pods desenting over the planet we will need Evac on ground.. fighter squad in combat outnumbered 3-1 the Destroyer is disabled order 1312..”
“understood Transport moving to landing position. Sir.  The fighters will not survive..”
“We are Mandalorian's We Survive. E'tad OUT.”
the fighter in space tried to make a run for the planet but the destroyer's back up power came online.. non survived..
the pods landed on the rough planet surface.. there was a transporter standing by picking them up as they landed.. moviing fast over the surface and as the last come onboard they left for the city..
“commander welcome on board.. is every thing allright?”
“where we spotted in our desent?”
“eh. Yes Sir. The rescue ships are heading this way now.. we where closer so we got here first.”
“Get us to safety.. I’ve had two battles to day.. do not get me in my third..”
“Pilot get us to the city now th..”
“Pilot. Get us to the Landing zone Near Medic Bay 645-34F.. we have a wounded on board..”
“yes commander en route now.”

The transport ship was going fast over the planet surface towards the city. And when the city was within range of the city they transmitted the codes to access the city..
“Pilot transmit this code.. AMB-414-DOR.. now we have free access to the intire city.. get us directly to the Medic bay..”
“what code was that?”
“an Ambasador code.. now we can move around.. with no tracking..”
they moved in thru the main gate and into the city dome flying in a straight line to the medic bay.  They landed and the medic team followed the pod inside..
“Commander whats in that pod?”
he looked at the officer..
“lets just say.. his family.. Pilot Get me to the Base.. now.. and then get rid of this ship. destroy it.. it must disappear...”
 “very well Commander.”

They left the landing pad as the ship.. as the ship lifted from the platform the door behind the stasis pod closed and locked. he looked out of the window from the cockpit..
“ udes jii. mhi cuyir norac par gar Rayshe'a-E'tad”

To be continued..                             BY BLKS

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I have some Medicine for you here. there are two ways to treat you. first Antibiotic and Bacta tank for a few days.. 25000 credits.. or single shot from my blaster 1200 credits.. the Question is only.. How much pain are you in?
 - Dr. Jast..


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Chapter 3

Meny hours later The commando wakes but only briefly.
A lady voice called out..
“Whats Your name?”
“arhh. eh..”
“Whats your name?”
“RC-1157?” he noded..
“Relax Mesh'la. You are in safe hands now.. continue the opratio..”
he drifted off in to sleep..

many  hours later.. well hours into days.. days in to weeks.. but then he woke..

“Sir. He coming around..”
He opened his eyes and a bright light shined down upon him.
He squeezed his eyes.. he could see the room.. a pair of hands gave him something black.. he could feel it was goggles he took them on and opend his eyes he could see doctors, medics and Mandalorians!! he rolled out of the bed and down on the floor and head his head and tried to reach for his blaster.. he felt he was in a Jumpsuit and unarmed..
“Easy Now You are in A medic clinic we have saved your life.. you where criticaly injured and we took you to a medical facility.. My name is Doc. Thvu. This is my assisant Nurse Aleena and this is commander E'tad he saved your life..”
“Why Why.. I want to die.. I dont want to kill for the Republic.!!”
“Son.. You dont ever have to fight for the republic Again..”
“i-ii-I dont?” he felt a sudden feeling of relief.. like hutt hanging in his neck.. and then lifted off his neck.. leaving him. A load taken from his life.. and gone..
“Are you okay ? How do you feel? Let the nurse and Doctor examine you.. you have been out cold for weeks..”
“Weeks? But.. I knew.. I was dieing.. I felt cold.. I closed my eyes when I saw the Death watch walk towards me while laying on the floor.. and then I don’t remember anything..”
“it was me and my troops.. we searched you and your commando's.. I found your holo.. and we took you here..”
“my holo.. you saw that ?? I-i am useless.. I deserve to die..”
“not at all boy.. you said you wanted a cause.. ill give you  reason to live.. not as a clone.. but as a Mandalorian.. Join us..”
“i-i I cant.. I am a Commando of the republic.”
“boy.. feel deep inside.. the one who just spoke was the Clone.. Speak from your heart..”
“i am a clone.. its all I will ever be..” the nurse said while she took a mirror from a table behind her..
“Well this clone is rather special.. he doesn’t look like a clone.. and he doesn’t act as a clone..”
“Doesn't look like a clone?” she gave him the mirror.. and the doctor answered him..
“well you had been badly hurt. And a blaster had gone thru your helmet and into electronics leaving a burn mark on your face.. and we had to do some cosmetics to your face.. Well the commander here said you wouldn’t mind some changes.. well frankly you look like a different person now than the clones..”
“Son you have a Chance to change your life.. like you wanted.. grab it..”
“a chance to change my life..”
“Son I will tell about the universe.. let you see the other side of the moon.. you will not be forced into combat.. I will teach you all you want to learn. Let you see the world like you will.. you will learn the truth.. and not what you where brainwashed into as a commando of the republic..”
“Doctor, nurse will you leave us for a few moments..”
they walked out on the hall..
“RC-57 is my real name.. I was a clone many years ago but during a transport mission i got shot down and I was saved.. by a mandalorian.. seeing a glimpse of hope for my future.. and then years later I was recruited into the death watch.. and now.. I stand with a glimpse of hope of helping you..”
“whats your name now? E'tad?”
“Rayshe'a E'tad.. its mandalorian for 5-7 just like you.. and when I heard that I needed to help you..”
“Rayshe'a-E'tad.. 5-7.. are you free.. from..”
“from the control.. Yes I am free.. I have learned the truth.. all men are free.. I will show you that..”
“i will learn the truth.. but joining the death watch is not a thing I can say yes to. But learn me to be free and we can see..”
“You can come back in now.. now.. let them help you get back to full health. And.. watch out for that cat..” E'tad walked out of the room and the doctor and nurse walked back in..
“good now lay down and lets help you.. we need to preform some check ups.. and the nurse have some questions for you.. we need to fill up some forms for you.. age and such.. well I will let you get to work..” the doctor walked out..
“okay I have a few questions for you Mesh'la.. Name?”
“what does that mean.. Mesh'la?”
“nothing its just something I started calling you that the day I saw you.. Name?”
“eh.. rc-1157? Well its all I know..”
“you can get any name you want..but I will leave that blank for now.. you can have a new life now.. grab it.. well age? And ehm.. home world.. kamino right?”
“i dont know my age I have been a commando for 7 Months now I don’t know how long it took to get to that.. we where never told..”
“ill leave that as blank to.. I think we will wait with this until you have learned more, about starting a new life as a mandalorian..”
she walked out of the room.. in the door she turned and looked at him..
“ill call you  Mesh'la for a little longer.. get some rest I will keep an eye on you..”
the door closed and he got down on the bed again.. he closed his eye's he took off the glasses.. the door opened again..
“Mesh'la is mandalorian for Beautiful..”

 she smiled and closed the door..

he closed his eye's.. he felt.. sleepy so tired.. he...


To be continued..                             BY BLKS

do not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, for any purpose.
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I have some Medicine for you here. there are two ways to treat you. first Antibiotic and Bacta tank for a few days.. 25000 credits.. or single shot from my blaster 1200 credits.. the Question is only.. How much pain are you in?
 - Dr. Jast..


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Chapter 4

when he woke up he saw the commander sitting in a chair at the table.
“your awake son.. I am glad to see it didn’t take as long as your first sleep..”
“how long where I out this time?”
“a week.. but don’t worry the nurse have been taking excellent care  of you.”
“thanks..  Aleena was it ?”
“yeah.. you watch out for her.. I think she has a soft spot for you..” he said with a blink in his eye..
“yeah.. I have sorta noticed that”
E'tad got up from the chair and took on his helmet..
“how do you feel? I expect you must be eager to learn the truth about the galaxy?”
“im fine I want to learn..”
“good I will se to it that you get your own quarters and still have the doctor and the nurse checking in on you.. you have been thru a rough start in your new life but you will get over it soon enough..”
“okay well where to first then E'tad?”
“well first stop.. the box over there.. you cant run around looking like that.”
in the box was a Mandalorian armor.. but it was all shiny.. just plain metal..
“you will get to coloring it when the time comes.. for now the others will see that you are new , and they will be helpful to you..”
“okay what color.”
“wait son.. every thing will be explained.. just take it on for now.”
he started to take on the metal parts covering his legs his knees and then the chest plate, the arms and then.. the helmet.. a shiny gray helmet with a T-visor, a range finder antenna. And as he took it down over his head it felt a bit tight fit.. not like his commando helmet that thing felt like it was all over the place.. this felt like molted to his face.. it felt.. comfy..
“how does it fit.. I had it made after my first helmet.. thinking we had a similar size”
“fits perfectly”
“good now this way I have a lot to show you.. but first I need you to remember one thing.. a thing that helped me when I first started my  journey from the clone army to freedom. Remember.. now you are free to chose, the clone commando died on his mission.. now you live a new life..”
“thanks.. ill keep it in mind..”
“good now this way..”
they walked out of the medic bay and down the corridor.. they came past a window where the nurse stood on the other side.. she looked up as they passed, he felt there eye's meet.. like the helmet was gone and see looked straight in his eye's.. she smiled and looked down in her papers again..
Down at the end of the hall E'tad oped a door leading outside.. out in a bright world.. a city in a dome.. he looked up and saw the huge dome looking like the sky stretching over the city sealing It inside from the desert world outside..
“This way Son.. I have a speeder over here.. we will take it to the museum.”
“okay lead the way..”
“can you drive?”
“sure I have training to drive anything”
“good you drive then..”
E'tad jumped on to the speeder and the clone walked around it and got in.
after a few minutes in the air E'tad looked at him.
“When we land you have to address me as Sir. when we are near anyone. Its better to keep them unaware of our friendship”
“okay but why..?”
“well.. its better to keep it like that for now.”
“where are we heading sir?”
“over there the museum.. time for a history lesson”
a few moments later outside the museum..
“in here the great hall.. here’s a special person you need to meet.. Mand'alore”
in the great hall where Huge Hologram's of Mand'alor's and a lot of them.
Mand'alor the First, the Conqueror, the Indomitable, the Ultimate, the Preserver, the Lesser, the Vindicated, the Uniter, and more..
In front of the holo was a special glass cage and inside was a long line of  Helmets and Masks Behind the hologram was a large collection of weapons, debris and treasures from different planets. All items and parts of the history surrounding the Mandalorians and there.. violent past..
“here my friend I will leave you for now.. I have some business in the city but ill be back.. look around here.. much of the truth of the universe can be learned here.. the mandalorians have always been there to fight the fights.. even those the the republic ran from.. and im sure you can handle your self.”
“Okay Sir.” E'tad turned around and walked out of the museum. But stopped and said.
“And while you are here.. think over a name.. let them all inspire you..”
E'tad left. And he turned and looked at the many hologram's.
He felt overwhelmed. But at home.. like he was born here or raised here, he didn’t understand. He walked around reading about all the mandalores and others that have had an impact on his history.. arh hhis eha there’s.. whoa.. why did he just think it was his history.. why does all this feel to close to his heart..
“hello may I help you new born?” he turned and behind him was a mandalorian all in Yellow except a Grey Circle over his heart..
“I'm just looking and learning.. how did you know I was new here?”
“your armor.. you haven t made it personal to you. And you dont seem to know our history the way you are reading about it all.”
“well yes im new I have joined..”
“shys.. I know who got you to this planet.. do not mention there name in public.. but dont worry your sekret is safe with me..”
“how did you know? Sir?”
“i saw E'tad.. my.. son has joined him.. its not my decision to those her faith..”
“you say Son and “her” faith.. so whats it gonna be?”
“my daughter have rebelled from me.. and have now joined there Cause.”
“why did she rebel?”
“i was too hard.. I know that now. I didn’t listen to her.. and now I live alone here in my museum..”
“why where you hard. If I may ask?”
“no problem my young one.. you don’t seem like anyone ive ever meet of your “kind”. She.. wanted to join your cause and.. I tried to protect her show here what you have done in our history but she didn’t want to hear.. and I said. If you join them you will never be my daughter..”
“hard words.. but I can see it from your view. It must be hard.”
“thank you kind one.. you remind me of a person here in this museum.. over here walk with me” they walked to the end of the line where there only was a helmet.
“here.. well its a new part of the collection its not so long ago I got it im my hands.. it belonged to Jaster Mereel. A warrior and a leader.. and a good one too.. like I sense you will be.. but like you he had.. a kind heart like you at some points, he even saved the young boy Jango.. who became jango fett.. who was the main “clone” in witch all clones are modified versions of.”
“All clones?”
“yes all of them? This is common knowledge, where have you been the hole war?”
“in the clone army..”
“b-but? A clone? Who are you ? Whats your name..?”
“clone commando..”
“by mand'alor this cant be true.. I have a lot to ask you.. may I?”
“i believe its for the best if we do not discuss this subject right now.. but now you know the truth may I ask you of something?”
“i want to learn to be free.. where do I start?”
“here.. at jaster.. and then Jango fett.. I think its best you learn who you are before you learn how to be free.. may I just show you one thing?”
“yes show me”
“show you well.. tell you.. let me quote.. Kal Skirata.. "No true Mandalorian can live alongside the Death Watch." that was his and Jango fetts Opinion.. just keep that in mind.. and.. ehm.. Jaster here.. was killed by the Death watch”
“thank you.. I will remember that..”
“i hope you will.”
E'tad walked in thru the Main door to the museum..
“are you ready we have to leave now. Ill expalin on the way.”
“yes two secs.. wait at the speeder I just need to see one more thing.”
“okay ill be out here.” E'tad walked out..
“promise me that you will remember what I have shown you my young clone..”
“i will whats your name?”
“take care Ta'naka.. I hope we will meet again..”
“so do I my young clone..”
“im no clone from now Im a mandalorian..”
“then whats your name?”
“very suitable.. take care Jaster..”
“you too.. and i will tell Aleena that you love her..”
“You know h--..” he was already always out of the door..
outside he walked over to the speeder and in to the passenger seat.
“did you learn anything in there ? And who was that you where talking with?”
“a guide at the museum showing me the history.. and I think I learned a lot today.. did your business go well?”
“yeah but we will have to leave the city tonight.. our base have been compromised but we have hidden base on the moon.. we will head back and start packing and you have to stay at base tonight.. I have a.. mission to do tonight.. do you want to come? I could use your skills.. if you can do half of what you did when I meet you with your commando team you could solo this mission..”
“whats the target?”
“the Duchess Satine's enforcer.. hes getting to be a problem.”
“okay I will help you..”
“good lets head back to base.. you need to paint that armor..”
“yeah.. and have an idea for a color scheme.”
“realy? Interesting.. how about a name? Did you find any inspiration in there?”
“yes.. Jasper..”
“after Mereel?”
“yes.. I like the sound of it..”
“good good.. Jaster was strong and good.. a fine choice.”
a few moments later back in a little unmarked Hangar he was sitting and painting his armor.. as he sat and painted all the parts of his armor Gray and with a dark blue shade making markings making him unique.. he didn’t know why those where the colors of his liking but its felt neutrally gray and blue.. he could see the armors coloring. As if he had painted it before..
“are you ready Mesh'la?”
“yes I am.. well almost.. I just need to paint my helmet..”
“yeah I can see that .. why haven’t you taking it off while painting..”
“well I. Don’t know? I just like it.”
“let me paint it for you..”
she sat down and stated to paint it while Jaster kept it on..
“Aleena.. I meet your Father today.. at the museum..”
she stopped up a sec and then continued to paint
“what did he have to say..”
“only that he was sad.. and that he love you..”
“nothing more? Okay ?”
“what do you want me to say..?”
“nothing.. but I sensed that he spoke with a open heart. He didn’t know I knew you when it came up.. and when I left.. I told him that I would tell you.. he loves you and he miss you..”
“thank you Mesh'la..” a small tear left her eye.
Jaster took her hand..
“easy.. he loves you.”
“i know.. an I knew.. I love him.. and.. eh. Never mind..”
she looked at his eyes in the visor.. she looked around.. and then whipered..
“and I'm in love with you. From the moment I saw you.”
“JAster! Are you Ready? We have to move out.. the target is on the move!”
he looked at E'tad
“Yes sir Ready..”
he looked at Aleena..
“i know you do.. ill be back soon..” she replied a little high.
“There now I am finished with your helmet.. she took her hand and dipped it in the blue paint.. then placed it on the helmet on his cheek..
“you better come back Jaster.. I wont go to my father alone..”
“ill be back soon enough..” e took a finger in to the Blue paint and made a circle on her armor.. over her heart.. like the one her father had..
he got up and ran to E'tad.. they ran to the transport fighter and left the hangar.. in a fast pace over the city roofs they soon began to follow a small speeder going towards the palace..
“PILOT! We need to get him down before the palace!! JAST man the front turret!”
“Yes Commander!”
he ran down the corridor to the ladder going down to the turret and started to shoot at the Speeder.
After a few shots he hit the left side of the speeder making it tilt turning and crushing in to a wall.. they landed fast along side of the wall and the wreck.
“Jast on my Six!”
“Rodger” the loading ramp opened and before the ship was hanging still they jumped out and E'tad turned on his Jetpack and landed  near the Speeder.. jast Fell down  and landed in a roll.. he Ran towards the speeder.. E'tad was holding his Rifle at the man in the speeder.. he wasn’t dead.. as jasper approached he could hear they where speaking.
“-ere are the plans for the Ship?!”
“w-aht shi-ip?”
“Duchess Satine's ship the Concordia!”
“haha-ahahaha you think I had the plans with me. Hah I sent them there.. I knew you where Coming.. hah..”
a sound of sirens where approaching.. the man fired a shot going in to E'tad leg.. Jaster lifted his Blaster and a single shot put the Laugh to silence..
“Come E'tad we need to get out of here now..”
“y-Yes now this way!” they started to run towards the ship or Jaster ran with E'tad over his shoulder and as they got on the ramp started to close..
E'tad was laying on his back on the ramp as the ship started to fly away..
“Jast.. they knew.. we have a betrayer in our mist. Tell them..”
“easy now friend.” he raised his hand to his helmet.
“we need medic at base.. get us out of here.. keep it low Soldiers coming about!”
back at base. They landed and as the ramp lowered the medics arrived taking him to the medic bay.. Aleena was there too. But the first thing she did was check Jaster for injuries.. and then on to help E'tad..
a officer was pointing at Jaster..
“Him there he was with him”
“Yes I was there. I got him on the ship.”
“do you have the plans?”
“no he had been warned of.. E'tad told me to say we have a Betrayer in our mist.”
“we will take care of it.. Whats your name?”
“indeed.. well Men.. Lets clear out the base..”
they started packing and moving out filling the transport ship.
Jaster walked down the medic bay looking for E'tad.. he was sitting in the hall with his leg all packed up.
“good to see you Sir.”
“we are past Sir. Now. My friend. You might have saved me.. I wouldt have been albe to get to the ship and get way with out you.. so I think you erand a little something.. my Jetpack.. its over there.. its yours now.. I cant use it for a while with this leg.. so here..”
“thank you.. but I don’t know how to use it..”
“put it on.. you will learn..”
he got it on his back and all locked up.. it felt very natural to ware, a little heavy but not unpleasant..
“it fits.. super.. I will have to go clear out my quarters..”
“ill help you..”
“no no.. im fine.. besides.. she's on break down the hall that way.. dont let me keep you..”
“thanks.. are you sure your fine?”
“Let me be.. your acting like im a chiled.. dont let my baster be the one to tell you to leave..”
“your blaster.. ha. It will never clear the holster before where at your quarters..”
“haha.. thanks my friend.. see you later.”
he walked down the hall and jaster walked down the hall towards Aleena..
a little longer down in a room that said Cantina Aleena was sitting and eating.
“Jaster. Come have something to eat.. you must be hungry..”
he sat down and got something to eat.. they talked and talked .. about her chielhood and his.. her mother that had died in an accident at the embassy and her farther who was the Guide at the Museum. He talked about how he had learned about Jango fett being the one who he was cloned from.. and the kaminoens that had taught him about life and about following what others told you.. and after a few hours of talking they walked out of the Cantina,  Hand in hand.. and on board the transport ship with E'tad.. they where on there way to the new base.. to the moon..
after some flying out of the city first then across the huge dessert to conceal there destination then out of orbit with the planet and down on a small moon.. they walked out of the ship onto the landing pad. And down in there new home.. the base.. a officer was shouting out names and there new quarters.. but as they shouted out Aleena's new quarters E'tad whispered something to the officer.. then he lifted his hand to his helmet and turned on his close range radio contacting Jaster and Aleena.
“a little thanks for the Rescue” then he pointed at the door that they could enter.. he had given them his quarters a little bigger then the normal quarters and with room for them both..

To be continued...
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I have some Medicine for you here. there are two ways to treat you. first Antibiotic and Bacta tank for a few days.. 25000 credits.. or single shot from my blaster 1200 credits.. the Question is only.. How much pain are you in?
 - Dr. Jast..


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Chapter 5
Eighteen weeks later, after many missions, injuries, battles.. and a secret marriage within the Death watch..

one morning.. and a mission like so many before..

“Commander.. Jaster is reporting for duty.”
“at ease Jast.. E'tad will be here any moment.”
“very well..” he lifted his hand to his helmet..
“E'tad Come in Jast here. Over”
“Etad here reading you loud and clear.”
“whats your ETA?”
“fifteen minutes.. the ship had a bad power circuit so I just had it fixed..”
“Copy.. ill pick up some weaponry..”
“Tell Pizca that I sendt you for the “Twi'lek sisters” and Jugs to shut up and wait ill be there as fast as I can”
“ill do that.. Jast Out.”
“hey Jugs..E'tad in inbound eta fifteen.. some power circuit with the ship.”
“good good.”
Jast satred to walk down to Pizca the loacal arms dealer.
“hey Pizca E'tad told me to get the “Twi'lek sisters?”.”
“Arh Jaster I am glad to see you. Yes I have them right here I had them made specially for you. A beautiful pair of WESTAR-34 blaster pistol's These beauties will outmatch any Jedi. The can cut straight thru most metal plates..”
“why do you call them The Twi'leks sisters?”
“haha.. E'tad had me make them with a special paint job.. one light green and one light blue. Like the soft skin of the Twi'leks and on the handles are a pair of Twi'leks..”
“they are beautifull..”
“and they are yours.. bought and paid for by E'tad..”
“ill make sure they are put into good use..”
“i made other pair of these.. for Jango fett.. E'tad said it might interest you?”
“indeed it does..”
“old friends?”
“lets put it down as Relatives”
“sure.. sure..”
he picked up the guns and they felt very natural. Light but sturdy.. 
and almost as a reflex, he flipped both guns sending them spinning around his fingers catching them with ease.
Meanwhile Pizca had pulled out a belt that would fit them better than the belt and the holster he had on now. He got it on and placed the guns..
“have a good day.. and watch out.”
“you too..” Jaster left and while walking back to the conference room. He contacted Aleena.
“Hi. I'm going with E'tad now.. some mission ill be back tonight.”
“sounds fine.. watch out “ner Mesh'la” ill be at the medic bay all day. We have some injured from a speeder accident.”
“sounds like you have your hands full. Ill have to go now.  ni kar'taylir darasuum gar.”
“ni kar'taylir darasuum gar, ner Meshala”
they cut off and he walked into the Conference room.
“good your here Jaster.. E'tad is here in a few moments but we will start.. first off all every thing that is said in this room Is only know by the peapol in the room.. and it will stay that way..  our target is the Duchess’s best friend.. we need to statute an examples.. the duchess is taking us a little to lightly.. and we want her to be afraid know we can hit anywhere.. Jast and E'tad will be The main group in this mission.. they will preform the kill.. we others creates distractions and makes sure they have the opening to make the kill.. every one got it? You will all be filled in on your parts en route.. any questions?”
“who is the friend?”
“a nobody.. the important thing here is the friendship.. we need to hit her hard.”
“good then that is what we must do..”
“okay meeting over.. move out.. E'tad is at landing platform four-five-FD.”
he walked out and on to the landing platform. A old transporter.. no turrents on nothing.. he walked in side and its smelled... horrible..
“yeah yeah I know she a Real Beauty..”
“No she not E'tad. What ever happed to you sense of style in ships?”
“its for the job.. we needed this.. it looks like a cantina transport.”
“stinks like it too.”
“jup realism.. it the new best thing..”
they got down in there seat's and called in for lift off.
“Jaster here.. the.. Beauty Queen is ready for take off..” E'tad was laughing..
“you are cleared for lift off..”
they took off and left for the palace.. and after about half an hours flying and passing thru security checks. They arrived at the back of the cantina where they would continue on foot from. A hours later they where near the plane and haven’t been spotted..
“E/J Ready.”
“D/W ready.”
“G/Y ready”
“T/T ready”
a huge explosion was head echoing around the city dome.. the soldiers and police got on high alert and fighter and speeders with troops started to move out and search the city. They moved in clearing the remaining police force in  the surroundings of the palace. They blew open a door on the side of the west wing they moved in letting team two and tree keep the west wing in lock down team four was on the south wing overlooking west wing killing the police in the court yard. E'tad and Jast moving slowly thru the wing making no noise. They approced a couple of palace guards guarding a door.. jaster walked around the conor slowly as if it was the most natural thing.. he pulled out his blasters and the sound of one shot.. masking two shots killed the guards.. but before they had hit the ground he manged to catch them so that they dident make a sound when landing on the floor..
E'tad opened the door and Jast walked in side.
“Jaster!? Why are you who why..”
“your the duchess friend?”
“y-yes Jaster I am..”
“we are here to kill you.. I mean.. we where sendt to..”
“Jast.. dont let your feelings get the better of you.. she is our target.”
“NO She is m-!”
“she is the traitor..” E'tad reached for his blaster..
“DONT EVEN THINK IT!” Jaster Drawed his blaster placing its mouth in E'tad's neck.. E'tad didn’t even get the blaster out of its holster..
“Jast.. she is the traitor.. don't do this..”
“DONT TELL ME..what SHUT UP.. Aleena why? You are a traitor?.”
“no.. E'tad is.. and all of the death watch.. they are the traitors.. I am under cover for the duchess.. I am her friend..”
“but why.. why haven’t to told me..”
“How could I?  I would have been dead..”
“Jast Don’t listen to her.. We are on a mission..”
“i will not kill her..”
“I will.. let me..” Jaster pressed the gun harder in his neck..
“you do no such thing.. Leave us.. This mission failed.. there was no one here.. wrong info.. anything.. be we leave now.. I will deal with this later..”
“No we do it Now”
“Leave or I will kill you.. do not doubt me..”
“i don’t.. he raised his hands and started to back out of the door..” Jasters blasters where pointing straight at him.. as he disapeared out the door.. jaster closed it.. then looked at Aleena..
“Why Aleena why did you not tell me?” Jaster walked over to her hold her hand and she riplied.”
“i am her friend.. we have been friends all our lives. And she needed one on the inside of the Death watch to help her.. and this way I can help her.. save her.. I am doing the right thi-.”
the door when up and Jaster turned in jumped E'tad with a drawn Vibroblade ha ran with raised hands and hacked down at Jaster. Slising stright thru the Blue Twi'lek Blaster and hitting Jaster's helmet hard making a long Mark across the helmet over the visor and down over the painted hand on the cheek.. he was knocked over and laying on the floor. he raised his arm just catching the sword coming in for a secound blow. Now the sword was resting on his wrist band.. E'tad was shouting
“WHY why did you have to let her come over the mission!? We are friends but I cant let you live I can never let you live like this not you too are a traitor to our cause!!”
“i am no traitor.. we can work this out.. put the sword away..” he could feel the strain on the wrist band the pressure of the sword and all the waight of E'tad pressing down on him..
“You are a traitor.. a traitor you betrayed the Death watch! You are a Traitor of the mandalorians..!!”
“ I wise man once told me.. "No true Mandalorian can live alongside the Death Watch.".” A shot from a blaster was heard and E'tad fell.. dead..
while E'tad had been talking and concentrating all his power on the sword.. Jaster had pulled out his blaster the last of the sisters.. and placed it near the edge of E'tad's armor and shot him.. a single bolt thru his heart..  and now he was laying dead cold over Jasters body..

in thru the door came the Duchess and a squad of her private royal soldiers.. he dropped his gun.. and showed his hands. They took this gun and moved E'tad's body off him..
“Aleena who is this?..”
“this is.. my husband.. he saved me..”
“i believed he didn’t know who you where did he?”
“he didn’t.. but he saved me.. and.. I love him..”
“you are.. Jaster right? The clone..” the duchess looked down at Jaster on the floor.
“yes I am the clone..”
“stand.. Jaster.. you are not a clone anymore.. you are a Mandalorian.. give him his weapon..”
“there's an..”
“they are all dead.. they failed.” A relif when thru Jasters heart..
Aleena hugged Jaster and removed his helmet..
“I love you Jaster.. and I love you Aleena..”
“my I interrupt? We need to send an attack towards the death watch. Where are they hiding?” the duchess pushed away the officer..
“tho I dont want to break the moment.. then my officer is right.. where are the base?”
“on the moon.. I have the coordinates here..”Jaster lifted his arm and passed the coordinates from his gauntlet console to the officer..
“we will send a full scale attack..”
“leave us Soldiers..” the duchess made a wink with her hand and they left..
“Aleena my friend.. I believe there’s someone who is waiting for you, well for you both..”
“who ?” Aleena looked confused.. Jaster took her hand.. and said.
“Your Father.. come I will take you to him..”
“indeed.. a wise man you have found.. I sense much influence you will have on our lives..” she was about to walk out of the door..
“and.. when you both come back.. I think your.. marriage needs to be declared official..” she left.. Jaster and Aleena looked at each other.. there was a silence in the air.. a sound of Understanding no words. Only those between a man and a woman.. a kiss.. they walked out the room and down thru the palace halls.. out in the park.. and towards the Museum.. they didn’t have to say anything.. they knew they where on the right way.. as one.. as they got to the Museum they where stopped by a policeman..
“The museum is off limits at the moment.. there have been an incident.”
“Let us in. we need to talk to some one who works here. Ta'naka.. is he here..”
“who wants to know?”
“his daughter and son in law.”
“follow me..” they walked past some police men and towards a ambulance speeder.. he is in here. H was almost killed in an explosion.. we think the Death watch was trying to kill him.. we don’t know why.. in the ambulance Ta'naka was laying on a mattress with a lot off equipment strapped to him..
“Father! I'm here its me Aleena..”
“i s-see that.. a-and.. who-o is this?” he lifted his hand slowly from his mattress he was laying on.. and pointed at Jaster..
“i am Jaster.. we spoke..”
“i re-remember you.. I hoped you would take care of m-my Aleena..”
“i have been watching out for her ever since I left you. That day.”
“Thank you..”
“Father.. Jaster and me.. we are to be married..”
“i am so g-glad to hear that Aleena.. you have made me so proud.”
“no I havent father I never told you why I joined them..”
“i always knew, you look to much like your mother in that way.. always on the lookout for trouble.. J-Jaster.. do you love my Daugther?”
“i do Sir. I love her..”
“then take care of her.. I will rest easy knowing you take care of her..”
“don’t talk like that father.. you are going to be okay..” Aleena was crying.. all those yeas longing for her father.. and she was too late..
“my time has come.. and I died on the battle field. A true mandalorian death..”
“this is not a battle field father.. we are at the museum..”
“look around.. all these warriors and leaders that guard this place.. here I gave my life in the biggest battle.. the one my daughter have been fighting for so many years.. I a-always.. love. y-y-you..”he closed his eyes and the machines started a long biib.. the doctors tried to revive him but it was impossible.. Jaster and Aleena stepped out of the ambulance and it flew off..
jaster holded Aleena close in his arms.. the policeman walked up behind Jaster.. and said with a low voice..
“i think its better if you both get away from here.. I have arranged transport to the palace..” they walked over and got in.. the speeder lifted and made a round around the museum.. and then heading back to the palace...

a few days later there was a Burial.. small and only for the closest of the family.  A few curators from the museum some old friends, the duchess, Aleena and Jaster..after he was sent to rest in old traditional mandalorian way, the duchess came over to Aleena and Jaster..
“i am sorry for your loss..”
“thank you”
“I have arraigned for you both to live in the palace. Under my protection..” Aleena was crying and Jaster answered the duchess..
“we would like that.. thank you..”
she walked away and after they all where gone.. only Jaster and Aleena was at the site..
“i all ways loved him Jaster.. always..” she cried heavily..
“your father always knew Aleena, he never daubed your love..”
“thank you.. I love you..”
“i love you..” they walked away.. he helped her in to a speeder and then sat
down in the pilots seat they flew to the palace..

a few days later at the palace Aleena was asleep and Jaster when for a walk around the palace.. a man noticed him and walked over to him..
“hello I am sorry to interrupt.. but I have a question for you.. I am Deputy Minister Jerec. And I need a man like you to help with the security in the city and here at the palace. I know of your past.. and I know you are the one for the job.. will you help me..”
“what kind of job?”
“Advisor.. a shadow role. You will inspect and find holes In the system.. in our defenses. And some times stand in as a body guard for the duchess.. what do you say about that.. I will do that for the duchess.. but only for her..”
“very well I will inform her and she will talk to you about the details.”
Jaster walked away.. he had some arrangement’s to do.. when we got back to the room Aleena was awake when he walked into the room..
“setine just called.. she had a job for you.. whats that about.. nothing to do with the Death watch?”
“i was contacted about becoming a bodyguard Advisor something.. Aleena.. do you trust me?”
“Mesh'la I trust you..”

The Adventures continue's...           

do not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, for any purpose.

I have some Medicine for you here. there are two ways to treat you. first Antibiotic and Bacta tank for a few days.. 25000 credits.. or single shot from my blaster 1200 credits.. the Question is only.. How much pain are you in?
 - Dr. Jast..