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Titel: Galactic Civil War Update, tæt på at være en realitet.
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Game Update 15, som pt. er på testserverne vil fokusere på Galactic Civil War. Nøgleordene for denne update vil være buzzord som f.eks Planetary Control, City Invasions, FPS Increase, Factional Helpers (Neutrale kan midlertidigt deklarere sig som enten rebel/imperial) og selvfølgelig en bunke nye rewards for deltagelse i de nye City Invasions.

For at give jer et overblik over størrelsen på denne update kommer her et uddrag af de opdateringer som indtil videre er gået til testserverne...

December 16th 2009: TCPrime/TestCenter Update Notes - December 16th, 2009

Undertoad posts the Alpha Build Update Notes for the GCW Update (GU15). Testing commenses and continues as supported till the developers head for home during the hollidays. While everyone is away on hollidays, the Team makes sure the test servers are up and running via automated restarts through christmas hollidays and support is re-initiated in january 2010.

    The Galactic Civil War is being introduced with Update 15. With this update, your GCW points are directly responsible for control of cities, planets, and the galaxy. You will see these changes reflected on your planetary and galactic maps. On a local level, you will notice that regions on your map held by a faction affects what types of factional NPC's and buildings are created around you. In addition, Bestine on Tatooine is being turned on for our new invasion system for testing. Dearic on Talus and Keren on Naboo will be turned on at a later date, to allow this update to be focused on Bestine.

    This is an Alpha Build . All of this is subject to change. Much of this list will change, based on feedback from testing.

    GCW Invasion

        * Invasions occur every three hours and last an hour.
              o The construction phase lasts 30 minutes.
              o The battle phase lasts 30 minutes.
        * Defeating a defensive general will end a battle with the offensive team as the victors.
        * Keeping the defensive general alive for the entire battle phase (30 minutes) will allow the defending team to win.
        * The Tatooine planetary map should show the current phase that Bestine is in (construction, combat or occupation).


        * Offensive Camps:
              o Camps for the invading faction can be found just outside of Bestine at -900 -3782, -1253 -3348 and -1184 -3821.
              o Camps can be used by the invading faction for invasion specific quests entertaining, recruitment, cloning and selling junk.


        * Defense
              o The Defending General can be found inside Bestine at -1214 -3626.
              o An Officer giving defending players quests can be found not far from the General at -1195 -3620


        * Construction:
              o Tools:
                    + Tools must be constructed to make pylons. Their resources are available from a supply terminal near the offensive and defensive general.
                    + Supply terminals may be sliced by smugglers to provide better resources. Slicing the terminal repeatedly will increase the resource quality.
              o Pylons:
                    + Pylons are construction points where you get construction quests.
                    + Pylons are constructed by tools, which trade skill players manufacture. Anyone may use a tool, but trade skill players are the most effective at using tools during construction.
                    + Constructing a pylon fatigues the builder, causing the construction of pylons to take longer and longer. This can be eliminated by visiting entertainers to work off fatigue.
                    + Some Pylons have 4 levels:
                          # Level 0: No construction and will not spawn during the battle.
                          # Level 1: 1-49 resources have been constructed on the pylon.
                          # Level 2: 50-99 resources have been constructed on the pylon.
                          # Level 3: 100 resources have been constructed on the pylon.
                    + Pylon objects:
                          # Soldier Patrol:
                                * This object spawns NPC's and is represented by a helmet icon floating over it.
                                * Defensive patrols stay entrenched at their constructed location.
                                * Offensive patrols assault defensive positions.
                          # Barricade:
                                * This object guards nearby players and NPC's and is represented by a barricade icon floating over it.
                          # Turret:
                                * Turrets are AI controlled and fire at enemies nearby. The pylon for these is represented by a gun barrel or dish icon floating over it.
                          # Tower:
                                * Towers buff non-player controlled AI nearby to do incredible amounts of damage. The pylon is represented by a floating tower icon over it.
                          # Vehicle Patrol:
                                * Vehicle patrols spawn tough vehicles and are represented by a terminal icon floating over it.
              o Pylons are converted to their corresponding object when the construction phase ends and the battle phase begins.


        * Battle:
              o Vehicle spawn points:
                    + Level 1: Level 60 elite vehicle
                    + Level 2: Level 90 elite vehicle
                    + Level 3: Level 90 boss vehicle
              o Patrol spawn points:
                    + Level 1: Level 60 NPC
                    + Level 2: Level 90 NPC
                    + Level 3: Level 90 elite NPC
                    + Entertainers may entertain patrol points on the offensive side to increase their spawn rate. We expect this will change to a buff on the NPC's instead, but this is going to test as it is.
                    + Patrol points may be sabotaged by spies, which requires a quest from their faction's general/attache.
              o Barricade:
                    + No levels, but HP is increased by 5000HP per resource added.
                    + Barricades offer defender quests for general combat.
              o Tower:
                    + No levels, but HP is increased by 5000HP per resource added.
                    + Vehicles target towers
              o Turret:
                    + 5000HP per resource added.
                    + Level 1-3: Increased damage per shot, but it can be mitigated by armor.
                    + Turrets offer defender quests for general combat.
              o Wounded soldiers:
                    + Offer a quest to revive fallen soldiers to medics. Will reinforce a location or begin patrolling into the city to add to the invasion force.
              o Damaged vehicles:
                    + Offer a quest to tradeskill players for repair. Once repaired, they will reinforce the invading force by patrolling into the city.
              o Demoralized troops:
                    + Offer a quest to entertainers to be entertained and rejoin the the battle effort for both offense and defense.


        * The Galactic Travel Map:
              o The planet map has been updated to show areas that affect the outcome of the Galactic Civil War as well as the score for that current zone.
              o Areas currently under rebel control will show up as a rebel insignia, imperial control shows up as an imperial insignia, and 50/50 zones are shown with a contested insignia.
              o You can prevent the Galactic Civil War zones from showing up on your planet map by simply unchecking the "Show GCW Contested Zones" option on the Planet Map window.
        * GCW points directly affect some planetary spawns and are properly represented on the war terminal.
        * Faction mission terminals now grant GCW points.
        * Mon Calamari Cruisers or Star Destroyers will appear in the sky of a planet, depending on who is winning. The more your side is winning by, the more ships you'll see.

    Faction Helper

        * Faction Helper is still disabled for now, but will be re-enabled in the next few days.

    User Interface

        * The refresh button on the summary tab of the new GCW interface will change colors when it has new information.
        * Added a checkbox on the character selection screen to hide characters screen on servers that are now closed.
        * A new button has been added to the button bar. The Galactic Civil War screen is THE location to get all the information you need to see what's going on in your part of the world, or how the war is going on other galaxies and the final score across all galaxies.
        * This screen can also be brought up with the /gcwInfo command.


        * Pistol Launcher rocket trail particle density reduced.


        * Tusken Raiders from the Tusken King instance will now count towards 'Kill Tusken Raiders' and 'kill and loot Tusken Raiders' storyteller relics
        * Greater Desert Womprats should now count towards 'Kill any Womp Rats' and 'Kill and Loot any Womp Rats' Chronicle Relics


        * Frame rate limit increased from 30 to 60 FPS.
        * Factional ships shown in the skies of planets will no longer appear as translucent.


        * No-Trade items can now be placed into containers inside a player's house or space POB.


        * There is a known issue with all stealth abilities where your character does not become translucent on your client but you are stealthed. This will be fixed.

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